Aluminium Framing System

Welcome to Davalow Dorlec Systems Limited

Davalow Dorlec Systems distributes the Dorlec Aluminium Construction System,
A unique aluminium modular framing system which has proven its strength and
versatility world-wide.

Attributes of the Dorlec Aluminium Framing System:

  • 4 Distinct and Integrated Aluminium Enclosure Systems in 1:
    1. square and radius frame components
    2. each with 20mm and 30mm profile series or sizes (20/30 System)
  • 90 degree and extra-90 degree components
  • Extensive range of high strength aluminium alloy extrusions, castings and forgings
  • Construct almost any size and shape of strong, ridged aluminium frameworks with concealed fixings.  The Dorlec frames can then be clad with fixed or removable panels, hinged doors, etc., and finished as required.
  • Cost Savings:
    1. in the design process, because detailed drawings are not required
    2. in the workshop, by eliminating the need for welding and specialist metalworking machinery equipment and skills — using little more than a saw, spanner and screwdriver

Some Applications of the Dorlec System:

  • Electronic Consoles and Cabinets
  • Machine Housings and Guards
  • Instrument Housings
  • Testing Equipment
  • Semiconductor Housings
  • Full-Spectrum Light Enclosures
  • Environmental Enclosures
  • Sound Enclosures
  • Computer Housings, Racks and Guards
  • High Strength Defence Applications
  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical
  • Communications
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Fluid Systems
  • Laser Technology
  • Nuclear Research
  • Automotive
  • Robotic
  • Petrochemical
  • Military
  • Laboratory
  • University / School
  • Studio, Movie, and Theatrical Sets and Equipment
  • Display Cases
  • High Quality Desks
  • Many other Industrial, Commercial and Defence Applications

In short, the Dorlec Construction System enables stylish, strong, versatile consoles and modular enclosures to be built in any quantity for any use.

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