Davalow Dorlec Systems Limited is part of the Davalow Group, which has been operating in Wolverhampton, England for over 40 years.  Davalow Dorlec was formed in 2003, with a mission to maintain and promote the Dorlec Construction System, which has for many years provided a strong, versatile aluminium framing system for a diverse range of applications and industries.  Davalow distributes the Dorlec system through a world-wide network of agents. Davalow Dorlec Systems holds an ISO 9001: 2000 certificate.

Davalow Dorlec Construction System was originally designed for extensive use in manufacturing British military ship consoles, a role to which it is ideally suited. However, increasingly over the years, the Dorlec aluminium framing system has been widely used in a multitude of applications.

The Dorlec framing system was specifically designed to allow for straightforward attachment of aluminium, stainless steel, acrylic, or other panelling material to its framework to create a modular enclosure.  The Dorlec system makes it possible to design and manufacture aluminium enclosures from high strength defence applications such as ships consoles and desks to electrical cabinets, test rigs, light and sound enclosures, computer racks, machine guards and many other industrial and commercial applications.

First conceived in the 1940s, the Dorlec aluminium framing system has since grown in popularity worldwide due to its light-weigh construction yet heavy-duty abilities, together with its wide range of angular capabilities.  The aluminium enclosure system comprises over 100 special aluminium alloy extrusions with matching die-cast and forged corners in four distinct but complementary sizes and shapes of components. In addition, there is an extensive range of ancillary components, which can be used to complete any project.

Cost savings are made both in the design office, as detailed drawings are not required, and in the workshop, by eliminating the need for welding and specialist metalworking machinery, equipment and skills. The only tools required to assemble the framework are a saw, spanner and screwdriver, eliminating the need for time consuming and costly welding and metal fitting.  Thus, the Dorlec system is ideal for metal fabricators and machinists working in facilities as diverse as small job shops to large industrial plants.

The Dorlec framing system is not only applicable through the Dorlec 20 Series to light-duty industrial and commercial applications; but through the Dorlec 30 Series components extends confidently, and has a long pedigree, for its use in the construction of ruggedized consoles for industrial and defence applications.

The Dorlec 20 Series has a visible frame width of 17.5 mm, and has adequate strength for use in most commercial and light industrial applications. The Dorlec 30 Series is a larger scale version of the 20 series.  The members are approximately 60% larger, resulting in a series of components of exceptional strength.  These are approved by MoD(N) for use where severe shock and vibration may be encountered, and can be used with confidence for defence and heavy industrial applications.

While the Dorlec 20 and 30 Series could be considered distinct systems, there are a number of common parts, making it possible to combine both series in a single framework.  Both the Dorlec 20 and 30 Series are available in square and radius profiles, and the system includes 90 degree members and members of varied angles.  Additionally, intermediate members are available to provide additional strength, divide panelling, mount equipment or install doors. These attributes allow for more diverse design and manufacture applications than other aluminium framing systems.

The internal slot in the frame members not only provides the means to attach extrusions to corner castings and forgings, but also provides the means to mount brackets for shelves and a wide range of equipment via an extensive range of associated hardware including insertable bolts for those last minute additions.

The Dorlec system is made of 6082 aluminium, making it ideally suited for both electrical conductivity and earthing.  It is fit for finishing by means of simple polishing, clear coating, anodizing, wet or powder coat painting.

Despite the basic simplicity of the Dorlec Construction System, enclosures of complex shape and considerable strength can be built with the minimum of cost and equipment to a high standard of finish. In so doing, the Dorlec system offers economic as well as technical advantages over other more traditional methods of construction.

In Summary

The Dorlec Construction System offers the following advantages:

  • The need for metal forming equipment is avoided.
  • No welding or specialist tools required.
  • Cost savings are had in design and fabrication.
  • A wide range of angular enclosures can be manufactured.
  • Constructions can be designed and strengthened to suit their specific application.
  • Modifications during or after construction are easily accommodated.
  • Installation and maintenance time can be reduced due to the ability to remove panels for better accessibility.

Our Range of Components:

  • External and internal 90 degree and extra-90 degree extrusions.
  • External and internal 90 degree and extra-90 degree corner castings and forgings.
  • Components available in either 20 or 30 series (or sizes).
  • Components available in either square or radius profiles.
  • Extensive range of ancillary hardware and fittings.