Large Consoles

Large Console (Frame only)
This console shows a good example of how all four series (20S, 20R, 30S & 30R) can be readily mixed within a single console. In this instance, the console is built on a plinth fabricated from rolled steel channel, but could equally have been built from DLM434 base member. As with all Dorlec constructions the first step is to create a strong, closed, skeletal framework. Console sizes can be determined be either equipment sizes or overall console sizes by the judicial use of intermediate members. In this instance, it can be seen that often (but not always) the simplest way to achieve a certain console shape is to design the unit in individual modules, which are then bolted together. This course can prove beneficial for the less experienced user, as well as offering benefits in terms of handling, transport and installation.

Large Console (With panels)
One of the big advantages of the Dorlec system with it’s strong skeletal frameworks is the flexibility that it then offers in terms of panelling or cladding the console.

The framework can be fitted with panels screwed or bonded in place or alternatively hinged or fixed with quick release fasteners. Alternatively, apertures can be sized and finished to accept specific equipment or fitted with standard 19inch rack mount fixings. All of which delivers an indispensable combination of strength, flexibility and access.