Medium Consoles

Medium Console (Frame only)
This console shows a good example of the use of 90-degree components as well as internal and external components. In this case, 30S & 30R components are mixed within a single console to achieve the desired, ergonomically correct shape. As with all Dorlec constructions the first step is to create a strong, closed, skeletal framework. The framework is sub-divided by the use of intermediate members to suite the equipment to be mounted.

Medium Console (With panels)
One of the big advantages of the Dorlec system with its strong, skeletal frameworks is the flexibility that it then offers in terms of panelling or cladding the console.

The framework can be fitted with panels screwed or bonded in place or alternatively hinged or fixed with quick release fasteners. In this instance the apertures towards the left-hand end of the console, was fitted designed to accept standard 19inch rack mount panels finished flush.