Small Consoles

Small Console (Frame only)
One of the advantages of the Dorlec system is its versatility. This unit demonstrates that while Dorlec has no peers in the construction of strong, complex consoles, it also offers the ability to produce small units that are strong yet straightforward and quick to produce as either 1-off’s or larger batches. This figure shows a small framework built from 20S components. As with all Dorlec constructions the first step is to create a strong, closed skeletal framework. In this instance, the framework being bolted to the floor.


Small Console (With panels)
One of the big advantages of the Dorlec system with its strong skeletal frameworks is the flexibility that it then offers in terms of panelling or cladding the console.

The framework can be fitted with panels screwed or bonded in place, or alternatively hinged or fixed with Dorlec quick release fasteners. In this instance, all panels were fitted with a foam sealing strip to prevent dust ingress. All fixed panels were fitted with concealed Dorlec fixings.